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The games were first announced on June 6, , and released worldwide on November 17, While everyone is discussing the possibility that Necrozma is attracted to the player's Z-Crystals Guzma responds to a statement Lillie made about how the player has a lot of Z-Crystals after coming far in their island challenge by saying that they have even more then the trials captains and Kahunas who all just focus on one type. This is coming from the same guy who only specializes in Bug types and had his grunts steal all the Buginium Z they could find in order to become the greatest bug type user around.

Not to mention he had wanted to become a Trial Captain himself but never succeeded. Example of: Hypocritical Humor. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . New Necrozma formes, Team Rainbow Rocket, and the return of every single mascot legendary from the last 20 years?

It's all come together, indeed. Also, the developers have described the game's plot as longer than the original games. Adaptational Sympathy : In the original games , Lusamine cruelly disowned her children and it was mentioned that Mohn her husband went missing, but it wasn't an aspect that was bought to the forefront.

In this game, however, Lusamine is given more sympathetic qualities. When she disowns Lillie and Gladion, she looks disappointed and hurt that they would steal Type: Null and Cosmog , and it's made clear that she's very distraught about the disappearance of her husband. Additionally, she does get to see Mohn again, but he no longer remembers her. She is sad, but she decides to let him go so that he will be happy.

Advanced Tech : Subverted : The Colress machines appear to use this format, but the actually determines how many their titular creator made at the time of writing, meaning at this point, he has literally invented over one-thousand Colress machines.

After the End : The Ultra Space world in which you can catch Guzzlord, the Ultra Ruin, is actually the ruins of an alternate Hau'oli City, after a catastrophic power plant meltdown took place and the survivors escaped the planet, leaving only one person behind. It is implied by the only human left that this meltdown happened a very long time before the player arrives, given Guzzlord being in the world before he could even remember and his grandfather being opposed to the power plant project.

Alternate Dimension : The various worlds on the other end of Ultra Wormholes are alternate versions of the world the game takes place in. Some are more obvious than others, such as the one Guzzlord inhabits. Alternate Self : The villainous team leaders who Team Rainbow Rocket are not the same ones the players have met in the past games. By their s, they each succeeded in their various plans, but were suddenly transported to this world by an Ultra Wormhole to serve on Team Rainbow Rocket.

Maxie and Archie, in particular, seem to be from variants of the original universe before Mega Evolution was introduced, given they use their "classic" character des. Giovanni himself is seemingly from the same world as the player, judging from some Rainbow Rocket grunts' comments about how they have been "reborn" and the fact that he invades the Aether Foundation in order to gain access to other worlds.

It's heavily implied that the Legendaries available in Ultra Space are from the 'non-Mega' universe that Zinnia suggested due to the usage of the original themes. In addition, all villainous Team Leaders in Rainbow Rocket except for Giovanni hail from worlds where their plans were never foiled, while Giovanni himself ends up travelling to an alternate world at the end of the RR story. They also apparently come from a world beyond Ultra Wormholes, are privy to knowledge about the Ultra Beasts, and even train a few. They are also seemingly unfamiliar with Alola's culture, performing the traditional Alolan greeting as a square rather than imitating a rainbow.

This world is inhabited by Kartana who also apparently live in harmony with people known as Kartenvoys, who resemble old Asian men in traditional Japanese garb. Very little explanation is given as to how they got there and what their story is. Ambiguous Situation : While Giovanni is suggested to be from the player's universe, it's unclear whether or not his Mewtwo an unambiguous Single Specimen Species is also from there, or if he captured one from another universe which, given the below point and his familiarity with other worlds by then, may be likely. While the other Legendaries in Ultra Space use their original battle themes to suggest they're from other worlds, Mewtwo uses its X and Y theme, which may or may not indicate it comes from the player's universe.

Aside from Ghetsis who unambiguously won in his world the other Team Rainbow Rocket leaders were all pulled away just as their plans reached their conclusion, leaving it open-ended as to whether or not they succeeded, or if they failed even without the player's interference. And Your Reward Is Clothes : In addition to the Shiny Charm and stamps in your passport, completing the Alola Dex and speaking with Game Freak 's Director will also award you with clothing for your character, one article for each island. You can still play "Normal Rules" after "Super Mode" is unlocked.

However, "Normal Rules" means that you cannot meet special trainers. At Team Rainbow Rocket's Castle , you're required to solve a memory game, but later versions have you engaged in a battle in an attempt to distract you. If this works and you have to do the puzzle again, you won't have to do the battles either. Sun and Moon didn't have many options when it came to end-game leveling. This is no longer the case as wild Chansey were added as ambush encounters in Poni Plains, and they give tremendous amounts of experience when defeated and can easily be chained through SOS battles. Even better, they have a chance of calling Blissey as allies, which have the highest base experience yield in the game, period.

Having trouble with the Ultra Warp Ride because of motion controls? There's an Aether employee in Heahea City that allows you to switch controls to the Circle Pad instead. Anti Poop-Socking : If you've been playing the game without saving for a while, Rotom will give you the option to save.

Ultra Necrozma has a moveset perfectly tailored to countering its weaknesses, as well as hitting as many types as possible for super-effective damage to get the boost from its Ability. The only type it can't hit for at least neutral damage is Steel. Although Giovanni uses Mewtwo in both versions, its moveset is altered to play to each of its Mega Evolutions' strengths; while Ultra Moon has a special moveset that would hit hard even on a vanilla Mewtwo, in Ultra Sun its moveset is entirely physical to reflect Mega Mewtwo X's higher Attack.

Ascended Extra : Several characters who had minor roles in Sun and Moon play bigger roles in these games. For example, Mina, the only trial captain to lack her own trial in the original pair, now has her own trial in these games. The biggest example of this is Colress, who does get involved with the Ultra Recon Squad over an unknown subject, gives the player the means to fuse Necrozma with the Sun and Moon box legendaries via two of his Colress machines, and ultimately, serves a crucial role in Episode RR by helping the protagonist rescue Lusamine, get rid of the team leaders assisting Giovanni and saves Lillie from an irate Ghetsis.

Necrozma, who was only a post-game Bonus Boss in the original pair with no plot ificance, is the focus of these games' plot. Aside from Nihilego, the Ultra Beasts were largely endgame content with no bearing on the main plot. The Rotom Dex, despite being a Fairy Companion , had little interactivity in the originals. Now, a player can answer questions from it and get reactions, gain O-Power abilities using the "Roto Loto", and even make it more like them as they use it, to the point of strong compatibility allowing for the use of Z-Moves more than once in battle.

In the main games, Mewtwo was always little more than a Bonus Boss fought after the main story was over. She then notices the camera being pointed at her Ascended Fridge Horror : Guzzlord is described as having an incredible appetite and it will consume and devour nearly anything, including entire buildings. Here, we actually see this in its habitat, the Ultra Ruins, which is a destroyed and broken town that's implied to be the ruins of an alternate Hau'oli City.

The entire town is broken and Guzzlord continues to eat away at everything it can. The possibility of Ditto and Zorua learning to imitate and replace humans are shown in these games. For the former, a side quest in Konikoni City tasks the player with finding runaway Ditto who have transformed into humans. They don't exactly have a good grasp of the English language however, thankfully. If you go talk to people on the island, nobody seems to care about it. Back for the Finale : In a End of an Age sense for the handheld games, we have all of the Legendaries, and every single villainous team leader.

Necrozma itself after the player defeats it; it flees to Alola from Ultra Megalopolis and crashlands on Mount Lanakila, completely drained of power. The player must help it by sharing the light of their Z-Power Ring with it. The Bad Guy Wins : The evil team leaders each come from a world where, before they were summoned through an Ultra Wormhole to aid Giovanni, they succeeded in their plans because there was no player character to stop them.

Subverted for most in that their plans ultimately blew up in their faces anyway , but Ghetsis' plan didn't involve any catastrophic destruction, so his went off without a hitch. Bait-and-Switch Boss : A few boss battles are played out to happen just like they did in Sun and Moon , only for them to turn out to be different at the last minute. Mina's trial requires the player to battle most of the Trial Captains.

Kukui seems like he'll be the Final Boss again, until he says that he's kidding and Hau comes up the stairs to be your final opponent. This is even played with in terms of the music used in the final battle against Hau - it starts out just like the title defense theme in Sun and Moon , only for it to suddenly turn into a remix of Hau's battle theme.

Molayne replaces Hala as a member of the Elite Four. Luckily Colress steps in before anything else happens. Despite Colress' very friendly exterior, he will show how much he despises you if you get on his bad side. Thankfully, he wholly supports the protagonists and banishes Ghetsis back to his reality as well as the other team leaders. Big Damn Heroes : A cute version—when you wander into the tall grass near your new house, you will be attacked by a Yungoos.

As it bares its teeth at you, the three starters Popplio, Rowlet and Litten all appear out of nowhere and run to your rescue. Later, Colress arrives after the battle with Ghetsis, sending Ghetsis back to his own world and having a plan to reverse Team Rainbow Rocket's control of the Aether Foundation once the player defeats Giovanni.

An earlier serious one is at the Hokulani Observatory's trial, where Sophocles' and Molayne's machine heavily malfunctions and threatens to endanger the Chargabug powering it. The Togedemaru on site for something like this attempts to absorb the electricity, but Molayne points out that despite its abilty; Lightning Rod, its electric sacs can't handle that amount of electricity.

Then the Totem Togedemaru breaks in from the ceiling, takes the normal Togedemaru's place and absorbs all the electricity. Then the battle begins Bookends : As far as trainer battles go, the main story begins and ends with you facing Hau. Bootstrapped Leitmotif : When everything's started to go south during Sophocles' trial the song 'There's Trouble! Boss Bonanza : Having every Big Bad making a comeback not enough for you? And none of them are Shiny-locked, making this the first opportunity the player can legally capture Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal.

Late in the game, from Vast Poni Canyon and onward is full of nothing but tough boss fights. First there's Totem Kommo-o, just like in the originals. Then there's its stronger form, Ultra Necrozma. Right after that, there's a fight with Mina to kick off her trial, and then she sends you to fight the Trial Captains from the trials that you've done.

The trial is then concluded with the Totem Ribombee fight. And finally , you face Gladion at the base of Mt. Lanakila, just like in the original. From the end of Vast Poni Canyon, that's at least eleven boss fights pretty much back to back. Lanakila itself is actually full of trainers this time too, quite a few of which are very strong, and this precedes the actual Boss Bonanza that's tradition to the series being the Elite Four and Champion fight.

A trainer and his Tauros just wouldn't let you pass. Broken Record : Most of the time, the Rotom Dex will give you advice that you didn't even ask for after you've bonded with it enough. There are 30 tips in total, some of it being things you've probably learned about from the original games or have already figured out through experimenting. Being that there are only 30, Rotom Dex will eventually start repeating advice you've already heard and it does this frequently.

The only useful advice are a few of tips such as telling you that the geothermal plant at Blush Mountain is now a spot for special evolutions. Not only is Giovanni back to rule the roost, but so is every prior Team leader. Due to this Lusamine never being exposed to Nihilego's toxins and becoming the Big Bad , she is well and able to be the Aether Foundation's president, leaving Gladion free to go to other regions to train.

He'll later come back as a challenger for the Title Defense after a real-life month has passed since you completed the main story. Defeating him le to a very special event at Aether Paradise But Thou Must! You have to help him beat them. He will not take no for an answer. Camera Abuse : In-Universe : When Team Rainbow Rocket take over Lusamine's mansion during a news broadcast, they knock over the cameraman and cause them to drop the camera, landing on its side.

While this isn't a problem for you, the Fresh Water will likely be given to a lost Hiker you can find in the desert, who happens to be the trainer of the Stufful in the nearby Motel. Chekhov's Gunman : You'll probably say hello to Colress a lot during the main story. He secretly keeps tabs on the protagonists at Team Rocket's Castle and sends back all the evil team leaders to their realities and saves Lillie from Ghetsis. At Hokulani Observatory, Sophocles and Molayne have a Togedemaru on site to use its ability, Lightning Rod, in case of an electrical emergency.

It protects the Chargabug in the trial when the machine deed to summon the Totem goes awry, only for Totem Togedemaru to show up and take its place and start the battle. Climax Boss : Ultra Necrozma. It's got a high level, a massive stat total, all of its stat get a boost during battle, and its moveset can prey on a lot of types, making it quite a challenge to fight. The atmosphere is also quite epic, facing it atop a large tower in an Alternate Dimension. Its battle theme is just as epic, with synth and organ sounds that make the track rather reminiscent of a classic JRPG final boss theme.

With all this, the battle against Ultra Necrozma is quite the climactic showdown. Clown Car : If you attempt to walk into the trailer in Pikachu Valley, a Pikachu, or sometimes three, will appear at the entrance and walk out, preventing you from getting in. No matter how many times you try to enter the trailer, more Pikachu will be ready to walk out. A Trial Guide standing by the trailer is keeping count and can tell you how many Pikachu have exited the trailer, though he'll eventually lose count. Collection Sidequest : This time around rather than Zygarde cells, it's Totem Stickers, which are mercifully always visible, just not obviously so.

In-Universe , it has indeed been at least seven years since their defeat in Johto, and at least a decade since their disbandment at Giovanni's hands in Kanto.

Tv tropes pokemon sun and moon

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