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Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . As this is a Moments , all spoilers will be unmarked! To The Moon. Just about everything Neil says. SigCorp Holiday Special The mock-up game Neil makes of the Johnny and Eva story in the minisode, including hordes of "zombievas" as enemies. It's as funny as it is tasteless. Willis : Why, if it weren't for my back, I'd pick you up and Neil : Yeah Beat before the McMillans run out into the hall. A Bird Story. The boy attempts to play fetch with the bird with a paper airplane.

Instead of giving it back to him, the bird just runs off with the plane, or at one point, even dunks it in the lake and uses it as a boat. The nurse and the teacher chasing the boy through the corridors of the school, using a of Scooby-Dooby Doors , set to the tune of a Suspiciously Similar Song of "Yakety Sax". Finding Paradise. The "To the Moon 2" trailer that Kan Gao released.

Highlights include: Neil and Eva, sporting a Bandana and Eyepatch of Power respectively, cocking up guns action movie hero style. Them finding "more loot boxes" indeed, the "trailer" even lampshades this. Johnny and River carefully looking around a corner Sofia : What are you doing?

Colin : I'm texting him Jenny's info to set them up. Sofia : Don't do that! He's driving. Do it after he gets home. Colin : Good call. Sofia : Make sure to include some pictures, too. The good ones, with lighting coming from the side. Neil No words. Eva Wow, you've really moved up to getting sued by two IPs simultaneously. Neil : Sorry, Eva I just can't have you go on thinking I've gotten tame. No, Neil. I really wouldn't say that. Eva : At least it wasn't Uranus. Impostor Factory. Just like with the second game, Kan Gao treats us with a "To the Moon 3" trailer for the next game. But this time, it's based after a boy band concert danced by five Neils!

Mc Millan, and Mrs. Mc Millan, all wearing Neil helmets. And when Rob revealed himself as one of the 'Neil' dancers, he proceeds to roll his eyes, showing clear annoyance to the situation he was forced into.

The fifth Neil is revealed to be the real Neil, who was also wearing a Neil helmet. And then, it was revealed to be a dream by Eva. She shows complete shock and confusion on why she had such an absurd dream, and then proceeds to blame Neil for it because Neil had been telling her about the strange dreams he had been having. Eva : face palms I wish he never told me about those weird dreams of his. Show Spoilers.

Tv tropes to the moon

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