Underwear for pear shape

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Underwear comes in different styles and sizes, and the same goes for our bodies. Knowing the shape of your body will lead you to the best and most comfortable underwear for you. If you are looking for the best panties for pear shapes, you are on the right track.

Having to choose between a lot of underwear in the market can be hard. There are lots of features that those undies can offer and might seem all the best. Hopefully, this list may help you pick the right underwear style for your pear-shaped body. This full-coverage underwear style for pear shapes has a double-layer crotch with flat, stretchable seams for a more comfortable fit and friction protection. Its double-layer wide elastic waistband prevents it from riding up or rolling down. This cotton underwear for ladies with pear-shaped figures will stay in its place even if you are moving a lot.

This underwear offers full coverage for your pear-shaped body. Its sweat-resistant feature keeps you dry and feeling fresh for a long time. On the downside, if you are wearing low-cut jeans, the waistband of this underwear may show itself at the top. It also comes tag-free for added comfort. The elastic waistband is also soft and ravel-free. This panty is also good for physical activities such as hiking, traveling, and other exercises because it has a moisture-wicking ability to keep sweat away from your body. It is available in a wide range of sizes, from regular up to plus size.

So, this underwear is not as elastic as well. Their low-rise brief style looks good if you have a lower waistline. The waistband is elastic, soft, and prevents from rolling down or getting out of shape and place. Just like the first two undies on our list, the Hanes Cotton Brief Panties have moisture-wicking and odor-preventing abilities. They keep your skin free from irritation and sweating which makes you feel light and fresh all day. This brief-style panty for pear shapes comes in different colors and prints.

You can choose a solid white or a combination of other des. Its soft, breathable cotton fabric comes preshrunk for a more lasting fit. Among our list, it is the only one that is seamless which makes it the best to wear under tight-fitting clothes.

Though it is made of Nylon, a synthetic fabric, this hipster brief for ladies with pear-shaped figures is still durable just like the rest of the underwear on the list. It is the most elastic and firm as well compared to cotton fabric panties. This Hipster Brief Underwear offers more side support needed by your pear-shaped figure.

This low-rise panty for pear-shaped women is stretchable, lightweight, and supportive of your body type and shape. Its elastic waistband stays intact and in place during day or night. It also wicks away odor, moisture, and sweat keeping you comfortable while wearing it. Since it is seamless, you can also wear it under yoga pants. Being low-rise may be a disadvantage especially if you want underwear that can conceal your muffin top.

This retro-style panty is very attractive and nostalgic compared to modern-style ones on the list. This high-waisted underwear has a light tummy control that prevents your belly from bulging. This girdle-style underwear for pear-shaped figures is good for women who underwent a c-section or surgery since it can cover the healing wound or scar.

Its waistband is very elastic for custom fit and comfort. Just like the rest on the list, the fabric used in this high-waist panty for pear shapes is breathable and moisture-wicking, making you feel free from itchiness and odor. It is available in regular up to plus size. If you want a comfortable fit, you must order one size up. On the other hand, if you want a controlled and slightly tighter fit, order your regular size.

Also, if you want more slimming and tummy control, you may want to choose shapewear or the high-rise undies from the list since this underwear only gives light tummy control. To make you even more comfortable, these features are the things that you should look out for when choosing underwear for your pear-shaped body. If you prefer comfort and durability for the underwear, it is important to consider the material used. It will determine whether you will feel great while wearing it and how long it will last.

One of the best materials to use for comfort is cotton due to its breathability and some are hypoallergenic. Underwear made of a combination of polyester and spandex or other organic material is good, too. If you want moisture-wicking plus slimming abilities, you should go with a cotton and nylon combination. A natural pear-shaped body means wider legs.

The proper size of leg openings will save you from irritation and marks. Make sure to measure your hips and waist correctly to come up with the right size. When choosing underwear for your pear-shaped body, you should consider the coverage it can give you. You should go for the one with a high level of coverage. The more coverage and support that you can get from your underwear, the more comfortable you will be. There are tons of styles and des of panties for pear-shaped figures to choose from, and every one of us is unique and has special needs to consider before choosing one.

However, the first thing that you should consider is the style that suits your pear-shaped body and gives you comfort more than any other. It can give you full coverage, maximum support, and comfort in a premium style. If it is too tight or too loose, it will leave red marks or rashes, will move out of its place as you move by riding up or down, and it can make your belly look bulky. Choose a panty for your pear-shaped body that has a firm but elastic waistband for a more comfortable fit.

A firm elastic waistband will stay in its place all day long without hurting your waist. Sweat can cause bacterial build-up and yeast infection which in itchiness and other vaginal problems. Choose a panty for pear-shaped figures that has the moisture-wicking ability to prevent bad bacteria from multiplying due to sweat. The five underwears we reviewed have the sweat-wicking ability so you can be safe from these infections and irritation. Your undies need a partner to balance out your figure and the right kind of bra will do it.

Since pear-shaped women like you, have narrow shoulders and breasts, and wide hips and butt, the correct underwear will help you look more attractive and comfortable. The right pair of undergarments will give you a well-defined curve and shape. For pear-shaped figures, we recommend push-up bras, balconettes or demi-cup bras, or padded bras. These bra styles provide great lift and coverage that will make an illusion of a bigger bust making it look balanced with your lower body.

While boosting your chest size, you are making your hips look slim and sleek. Using this method of balancing out, your body may even look sexier and not so much of a pear shape. For starters, you should avoid wearing skinny-fit and high-waisted jeans, bodycon dresses , mini skirts, and booty shorts at all costs.

This clothing will accentuate your pear-shaped body more rather than making them look balance. When choosing underwear for your pear-shaped figure, always remember to give high consideration to comfort and coverage. High-waisted and hipster briefs can offer good support and full coverage for your body. Make sure it has a firm and elastic waistband and leg opening to avoid irritation and itchiness.

The leg opening should be wide enough as well. I have researched and worked to create this website so women would have a place to come and be informed about an article of clothing they literally wear every day. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Check Price. This is an assorted color pack; This pack may contain all solids, all prints or a combination This is an assorted color pack. This pack may contain all solids, all prints or a conbination. Soft, ravel free waistband. Seamless knitting women underwear,more feeling soft and comfortable. Be Feminine: Silky, stretchy fabric adds a feminine, yet comfortable touch.

This retro cut panty is Super Comfortable: Added comfort with light tummy control under high-waisted bottoms. Slimmer Look: High-waisted panty with a sewn-on elastic band at waist for custom fit and comfort

Underwear for pear shape

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Best Underwear for Pear Shaped Bodies [ Review]