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We want our app to be a positive place where everyone has fun and feels respected. Since Bumble offers three different areas to meet people — Bumble for dating, Bumble BFF for socializing, and Bumble Bizz for networking — each one has slightly different profile photo regulations. Below, we outline the general guidelines for everybody on our app and explain the few exceptions for each of our verticals.

That covers it! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Bumble Customer Support team here. How To. Absolutely no nudity or pornography. No photos of any type of illegal activity. That means no pictures of drug usage or abusive and obscene behavior. Bikinis and swimwear pics are only okay if you are outdoors; for example, in a pool or at the beach. On that note, no pictures in your underwear either. Consider this restaurant analogy.

Photos with friends are allowed, but you have to include at least one photo of yourself where you can clearly see your face. We want to know who you are! No photos that include guns , unless the user is a member of the military or a law enforcement officer in uniform. Specific rules for Bumble and BumbleBFF Your face has to be clearly visible in every single one of the photos you to your profile.

No hiding behind your phone or your hair please. No watermarks or text overlaid over photos. Photos with no people will be removed. Specific rules for Bumble Bizz Photos of your work or portfolio are acceptable, just as long as you remember to include at least one photo of yourself where your face is clearly visible. Watermarks are okay. No solicitations! That means no coupons or special offers on your profile. Get on Bumble. The Buzz. Download the App. Download for iOS. Download for Android. We use cookies to make our site work better.

This includes analytics cookies and advertising cookies. For more information, please check our Cookie Policy. Manage options. Accept all.

Upload my naked pics

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