Vagina torture stories

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Rebecca came from a wealthy family and could be considered a "princess" although others might use the term cockteaser or bitch. The family was in the public arena, her father, James was a Congressman and her mother, Sally was a noted attorney.

She had a twin sister Heather. Both were eighteen, long red hair and beautiful, with an outstanding figure. But that is where the similarities ended. Heather would go to Yale next year. His family was one of the social elite. Rebecca had been trouble since she was fourteen. Her parents had tried various psychiatrists and treatment programs.

They even resorted to jail when she got seven days for vandalism, but all efforts were a failure. The final straw was her last incident. Sadly, the person in the other car suffered major injuries. Her parents were now desperate. They were told that conventional treatment would do nothing for Rebecca, so James sought alternative treatment methods outside of the United States.

James and Sally went to see it and meet Doctor Marquis. It was a very modern and well-equipped hospital. It had a small of patients, ten and a large staff of twenty. It was very expensive, but they could provide round the clock supervision and individualized care. Doctor Marquis had very unorthodox methods. She needed to be taught the consequences of her actions. Doing this would require harsh treatments and punishments. He explained that Rebecca would have to be entrusted to his care as legal guardian for a period of one year.

At the end of the one-year period, she could return to her home and become a productive member of society. In desperation, James and Sally ed Rebecca over to Doctor Marquis and they made arrangements for Rebecca to be drugged and flown by private plane to Bermuda to begin treatments the next day.

They had put a drug it into her drink at dinnertime and by the time dinner was over Rebecca had passed out. Two men came and took her to the airport where a private jet flew her to Bermuda. With the right amount of money she was smuggled through immigration. Rebecca was placed in her cell. It was a large room with no windows and a large mirror on one wall, but it was really a two-way window. The room contained a large four-poster bed and table. Both the table and the bed had straps placed at all four-corners.

She was stripped of her clothes and was dressed with a strapless bra that unhooked in the front and thong panties. This would allow ease of removal when she was bound. She was given medication that would leave her docile once the other drug wore off. This would be standard procedure while she was here. At about PM she began to awaken. The lights in the room were on. She was very groggy and as she tried to turn over, she realized that her arms were tied to the headboard. She looked at her wrists. They had leather bands with fur on the inside to prevent chafing. She could feel the same bands on her ankles.

The two straps had metal hooks to hold them together behind one of the slats in the headboard. A blanket covered her, but she quickly realized that her clothes were gone, she was dressed immodestly now. Marquis watched her from behind the mirror. Rebecca heard the lock on the door turn and watched it open. Two men entered and both wore white coats like doctors. Marquis and this is Michael. We are on an island outside of the United States. Michael will be your personal guard. You must obey all of the guard's orders and submit to their demands without question.

She tried to pull her arms down, but the leather straps held tight. As I said before, you must obey the demands of the guards, no matter what. Your body is no longer yours, but mine. The guards have my permission to do anything.

Marquis left the room and the door slammed shut. Rebecca trembled in fear as the door closed and locked. Michael was over six feet tall and muscular. With her hands bound, she was helpless. Michael walked over to the bed and began to pull the blanket off Rebecca.

Rebecca began to get goose bumps from the cool air as she realized that she only wore a strapless bra and thong panties. She turned red in embarrassment when she noticed Michael lewdly stare at her body. While Rebecca was eighteen years old, she was still a virgin. There was no one good enough to have her body. Michael went behind the headboard and began to pull Rebecca's arms lower onto the bed frame to make Rebecca arch her back to prevent her arms from breaking.

She had to raise her ass off of the bed to maintain the position. Her breasts were now pushed up, as well as her pussy. This will involve placing your body in unnatural positions. Often this will be humiliating as your breasts, ass and pussy will be prominently displayed. His hands continued down her back and Rebecca trembled, as she knew he would soon run his hands over her naked ass.

His hands had moved over her back and now ran over her naked ass. He squeezed them to force groans and gasps from Rebecca's mouth. He separated the cheeks of her ass and Rebecca could feel the cool air on her anus. I work here because I get to enjoy the charms of women like you.

He ran his hand down one of her legs until he reached the cuff attached to her ankle. He began to pull her leg open to the side of the bed. When she tried to move it back, she found that he had tied it to the edge of the bed. He moved to the other side of the bed and grabbed the other ankle until it was spread to the side and secured. She faced the mirror and she could see how obscene the position she was being placed in was.

Her legs were spread wide and only her skimpy thong prevented Dr. Marquis from seeing her pussy from behind the mirror. This time they began to run over her stomach. I don't care one way or the other. It unsnaps in the front for a reason. You have always put yourself first. Now you must learn to submit to the demands of others. You have very nice breasts and I intend to take full advantage of them. Your breasts will soon be naked for Dr. Marquis and me to see. In the days to come, Dr. Marquis will pay special attention to your breasts. He loves to torture large nipples.

Do you know what it feels like to have clamps put on your nipples? Can you imagine the pain as they are pulled and twisted from your body? His fingers roughly sought out her nipples. Now leave them alone," she cried. Ask me to make your breasts naked, Rebecca.

Rebecca was humiliated at the way she was forced to perform. No one had ever touched her like this, and now she was forced to ask a stranger to bare her breasts. With a flick of his finger the bra opened and instantly fell to the bed. Rebecca now laid on the bed, her back and ass arched upward invitingly as her breasts pointed to the ceiling with her legs spread wide.

Rebecca's breasts were large and firm. As she said, her nipples were large also. The cool air and Michael's fingers had made them erect. He fondled her large tits and paid special attention to her nipples. His fingers circled the areola and teased the nipple. He plucked her nipples from her chest to pull and stretch them. Michael released her nipples but continued to lightly caress them and force them to stay erect. Can you imagine what it would feel like if I applied sandpaper to them? I don't think I could stand it. I can do what I desire with your tight little body and you have no choice but to submit to my demands.

Rebecca cringed in humiliation as he slid his hands into her panties. She could feel his hands touch her bush as they slid over her pussy. She tried to move away from the hands but as she moved lower, her arms ached.

His fingers began to spread her pussy lips apart. Again, Rebecca tried to escape the cruel fingers but the result was that she had to raise her pussy higher to escape the pain in her arms. Marquis and I would like to see your naked pussy now. He ripped them off and they fell to the bed. Rebecca was now spread open for both of them to see.

Vagina torture stories

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Sexual Tortures of Rebecca at the Psychiatrist Hospital