Wedgie punishment story

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He told a judge the abuse and bullying carried out by defendants Andrew Addison, 30, Joseph Rose, 21, Christopher Jackson, 22, and Alex Puchir, 37, started not long after he ed shopfitting firm Direct Interior Solutions in July The year-old was sent to London on a job refitting part of a hospital and had been staying in a shared flat with some of the defendants.

Giving evidence he told York Crown Court how he was given the brutal wedgie as a punishment by Addison for forgetting to put wood filling in a van before thy left for the capital. He said: "Andy was in the van on Facetime to Chris Jackson and it had all come about because I didn't put any wood fitting in the van and I said I did. I was lifted up off the floor. He was doing it with two hands.

I was let go of. My pants were stretched out of my trousers. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said that one night when the other men returned to the flat drunk he was attacked with a can of deodorant and a cigarette lighter. The alleged victim told the jury: "I heard them come back and I woke up and Joseph Rose was setting my bed on fire with a deodorant can and a lighter. I was still half asleep. The duvet got dragged off me and thrown on the floor.

He was on the bed at the corner and Joe was on his knees over me. Then Andy said 'pack it in now because it's getting boring. The prosecutor had told the jury how the teenager was tied to a wooden cross by his colleagues and suspended from a wall in a mock crucifixion. The devout Roman Catholic had only just started his first job as an apprentice with a firm of shop fitters, the jury heard. But from the very beginning he was humiliated by his new workmates - including the boss who employed him, the teen has claimed.

Prosecutor Austin Newman said the mock crucifixion took place last January as the victim and two workers carried out a bank refit in Hull, East Yorks. Mr Newman said: "It the cross was fashioned out of two lengths of wood. Speaking on the stand the alleged victim said: "At the time I didn't know what to feel.

I felt ashamed, everyone could see what was happening to me. I was embarrassed. Otherwise why was there a cross made. He told the court: "I could hear from my ear that there were lo of people standing there talking. Someone got me out of the cupboard and set my legs free. They also drew crosses and penis shaped phallic symbols over his face and body in indelible marker pen as he slept, it is claimed.

The assaults were reported in May to police who arrested all four men allegedly responsible. The men claimed it was part of workplace "banter" and "high jinks" and insisted the alleged victim had gone along with it. But Mr Newman told the jury: "From the early stages of his time there he was subjected to acts of bullying which went beyond anything which could reasonably be described as banter or high jinks in the workplace. Addison, from Selby, North Yorks. Rose, of Bubwith, East Yorks.

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Wedgie punishment story

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Wedgie Punishment Stories