Wife black owned story

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My wife and I are in our early 40s, with a couple of kids Picture the women on "Desperate Housewives" minus the "desperate and slutty" part , and that's us. My wife is just what you'd think She is also still very attractive in her early 40s She is, however, slightly prudish She only had three boyfriends before we met and thinks of sex as something to be kept in the bedroom, or at least until recently.

We had meant to go out on Valentine's Day, but as things happen, our date night for that night got pushed back.. Kids had sleepovers away and we had the night to ourselves. We decided to go get dinner at a nice restaurant, and then drinks and maybe head to the casino. When I get ready, it's easy She, however, likes to get dressed up, and did she ever this night. When she finally came out of the bedroom and asked "do I look all right? We head out and I can barely keep my eyes off her She orders a skinny-rite, and I get a martini.

We order dinner, and she is in an unusual mood She is definitely feeling good now as we start to walk toward the bars for some more drinks. The place we settle on is a little hole-in-the-wall that has a few pool tables in the back. She asks me to get her a drink while she freshens up in the restroom. I get us some drinks and head to a table by the pool table area and wait. I see her come out and pass three large black guys standing by the bathrooms She comes back and I ask her what they said I ask her to play some pool and we head over.

Now I KNOW she's in an unusual mood, as by the time I rack the table, she's already finished her drink and has headed to the bar for another. She comes back with the drink, and the black guys in tow and there are 5 now. I ask what's up, and she said they asked if they could play doubles with us. I figure Two of them play us while the other three watch and man, are all 5 ogling the crap out of my wife as she bends over to shoot.

We lose, and they ask us to play again This time, one of them suggests that he play with my wife 2 on 1 against me I am a little hesitant at this point because they have not only been ogling her, but making sexual comments. She is eating it up but I also think she's half-oblivious. I reluctantly agree As she is shooting, ALL of them are helping her with her shots She is flirting openly, and loving it Over the course of the evening, the sexual overtones grew more and more overt, and it was making me Several times they had openly groped her breast, her ass, had used a pool cue to lift her skirt as she shot Finally, when I was able to get her to the side for a moment, I whispered "I think we had better leave now.

I need to use the bathroom first though. We told the guys we had to go. She said thanks for the pool I had to go too, so we went. I came out and headed in to the main part of the bar to look and wait for her. The bar had gotten more crowded at this point, but I saw two of the black guys standing outside the women's' bathroom as I passed it.

I didn't see the other three with them. I waited I asked him if he'd seen my wife, and he said "oh yeah The way he said that made me uneasy I started to open the door, when the guy outside said "you probably don't want to go in there" and he put his foot to block the door.

I managed to get it open anyway and as I stepped inside, I saw a crowd of men I worked my way in a little and over the crowd, there I saw it My wife was having sex with two of the black guys. Two more were standing next to them, pants down, obviously waiting. The crowd was cheering this on. I couldn't get in any more and had to basically watch. She was completely naked Some random guy had her bra and was waving it around. The only thing she still had on was her high heels.

One of the black guys had her bent over and was pounding away at her pussy, the other had hair in his hands and was vigorously fucking her mouth. Almost as soon as I starting watching, the guy between her legs tensed up and started to grunt loudly. He gripped tight onto her hips and thrust hard into my wife's pussy, I heard her yell out a muffled "No No No".

He obviously wasn't going to stop and as the other guys cheered him on I saw my wife tense as he clearly shot his load. He slowly pulled out and I could see cum run down her leg. OMG he fucked her bareback! He had pumped his cum deep into my wife pussy and she is not on any birth control! My god, I started yelling, trying to push thru the crowd The guy fucking her mouth leaned back and came My wife, pretty suburban sonority mom , was being gang-banged in a bar bathroom by a group of strange black men and they were cumming in her unprotected pussy and she was now liking it.

I hadn't seen her this before. As the third guy came in her, the fourth, then fifth and then sixth took there turns sinking there black cocks into her soaking hole. The crowd was close around them now. Clearly loving everything they were seeing. seven took his place between her legs, which no longer needed to be held open. He powered into her with a cock which must have been 11 inches long.

My wife was now making animal noises as he made his huge member fit into her well fucked married cunt. He was really fucking her hard, she had her hands around his back, scratching at his back, he was going in to her balls deep and showing her no mercy, then, he looked around, saw me and smirked with an evil grin then his face clenched up and yet another load of black cum was pumped deep into her defenseless womb.

At this point the crowd was going nuts, but then a loud noise came from the door. The manager was making his way in, shouting "what's going on in here! My wife was still on the counter, naked, cum dripping out of her pussy, when the manager came back and asked me what was happening. I was so floored. I just said "my wife's really drunk I noticed her bra and panties were gone. He looked at me with disgust and said "get her out of here.

As we walked thru the bar, the crowd was applauding. The black guys were standing by the entrance and smirked as we walked by, and one said "We made her pussy ours man. In the car, I asked her what the hell that was all about, and she said I had a lot of fun back there and they have put so much cum into my pussy, you know what that means" and then turned away, put her hands on her cum filled belly and closed her eyes.

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Wife black owned story

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