Wife flashes trucker

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. For those of you who have read my stories you know my wife is a demure and usually proper Southern lady. However, there are times when she "lets go" and turns into first class slut. On a recent road trip she decided to flash her impressive breasts to some truckers.

She is a bit of an exhibitionist and loves to tantalize truckers by baring her 39 DD breasts. On this trip we were traveling northbound on I near the Tennessee-Georgia border. She never wears a bra so when she opened her blouse her beautiful breasts were available for all to see. She loves to press them up against the window of the car mashing her nipples against the glass. It never fails to get truckers and other drivers into a horn honking and hand waving frenzy. As she pressed her breasts against the glass as we passed into Tennessee the trucker was honking his horn and trying to get us to pull over.

As he moved into the far right lane a black BMW pulled up beside us and the nice looking male driver got an eyeful of titties staring at him from the passenger side window. He had a huge smile on his handsome face as my wife sat back down in her seat. He waved and asked her to roll down her window. The driver was about 50 years old with salt and pepper hair and perfect teeth. He was both suave and debonair and very handsome.

He kept trying to tell my wife something but with the wind noise it was hard to tell what he was saying. He kept point down to his crotch while trying to tell us something. We finally slowed down and were driving side by side when my wife understood him to say that he had something she really needed to see and it was big.

My wife smiled and said "show it to me. We have always kept on driving keeping our distance from the drivers. However, I could tell my wife was intrigued as the BMW driver kept insisting that we pull over so he could show us something big and special. It didn't take a Master's Degree to understand what he was trying to tell us. As we approached a large interchange on the freeway my wife suggested that we exit the highway. We got out of the car as the driver of the BMW remained seated in his car. My wife walked over to his car and said "show me the big surprise. She leaned in the window and saw his very impressive surprise.

She was looking at a cock that was extremely wide and at least 10 inches long. My wife asked me to look in the window so I could see as well. It was an impressive sight sticking out of his trousers pointing straight up. He suggested that he rent a hotel room so he and my wife could see each other's assets without being arrested.

She turned to me and asked if I would mind if she and Mr. Handsome could have some fun. Turns out Mr. Handsome had a name. It was Don and he was a wine broker. He happened to have some vintage wines in his trunk having just been on a buying trip to Atlanta and he took a bottle of Italian Brunello di Montalcino out of the case and marched to the lobby of the hotel and rented a room. He returned quickly with the key and invited us to his room. Once in the room he produced a corkscrew and opened the delightful bottle of Brunello. It was exquisite but not a single person finished their first glass of wine before my wife and Don were locked in a passionate embrace.

We all knew why we were in the hotel room and while the wine was lovely, the action in the room was hot and steamy. Don and my wife, Maggie, were groping each other through their clothes and soon her blouse was off exposing the lovely breasts that she had showed so many on the interstate highway. Don was enthralled with her breasts and went to work on her nipples with his mouth. Meanwhile, Maggie was struggling with Don's belt trying to get that big cock exposed and soon they were both naked. They fell on the bed together still locked in a hot, steamy kiss.

Don finally broke the kiss and stepped back to look at Maggie lying on the bed naked and ready for action. He told her he simply wanted to linger for a moment so he could revel in her beauty before they explored each other's bodies. She asked him to get back on the bed and put that big cock in her mouth.

He did so without further hesitation. She wrapped her hand around his cock and her fingers did not touch. His cock must have been at least 2. The veins on each side of his cock made it look almost unreal. The purple head was as large as a plum and Maggie quickly took it into her wet and waiting mouth. She has an amazing ability to deep throat a cock no matter how big it is and she was in rare form on this occasion.

She licked it up and down and got it nice and wet before taking his cock all the way to the base. She moved slowly up and down and up and down and was driving him crazy. She continued sucking his cock for at least 10 minutes and he told her that if she did not stop he would have to cum in her mouth.

She stopped abruptly and said no way. I want it somewhere else. As she laid back on the bed she spread her legs and told Don to come and take her but to do it slowly so she could get used to his girth. He smiled and told her he wanted to take lots of time so they could both enjoy the moment. He placed the head at her vagina and told her to watch. His massive cock completely covered the opening to her sex and he slowly pushed the head past her outer lips. He continued slowly, an inch at a time until he had about half of his cock inside her. He pulled almost all the way out and then plunged even deeper.

As she adjusted to his size Maggie started pushing back against him raising her butt up to meet each new thrust. Soon they were fully engaged as his cock plunged deeply into her. With her legs spread wide and his cock deep inside her she was in heaven and her eyes rolled back and her toes curled.

She had already climaxed an amazing of times and soon she was popping off like a string of firecrackers. It seemed she never stopped climaxing. Soon they were thrashing about the bed in the wildest sex I had ever seen The rolled over and she impaled herself on his cock. Then she rolled off and they did it "side saddle" with both of them on their sides.

Then Don got on his back and she rode him in the reverse cowgirl position while she was playing with her clitoris. That turned into doing it doggy style with Don plowing into her from behind while grabbing her hips and pushing deep into her love tunnel. Don turned to me and asked me to bring him some hand lotion from the lavatory. I knew what was next. He rubbed the lotion on her ass getting her rosebud sphincter ready for his cock.

He told her he was going to fuck her ass and asked if that would be okay. Maggie told him to be gentle but do it now. He slowly withdrew from her sopping wet vagina making a popping sound as he did. He placed the large cockhead at her anus and pushed slowly in. He hesitated for a moment and asked if she was all right. She told him to go ahead and once fully inside to fuck her hard and fast. It took several minutes to get his cock fully inserted but once he did, he was like an animal. Don and Maggie fucked hard and fast as he pummeled her ass.

It seemed she never stopped climaxing or moaning, sometimes so loud that I was worried someone might complain to the manager. His staying power was unbelievable and finally he told her he needed to cum. He asked if it would be okay to cum in her ass and she said yes, do it. Soon he came long and loud bellowing like an animal while filling her ass with his hot creamy load.

It was an amazing sexual exhibition between two highly sexy people. Seeing my wife enjoy herself and climax over and over is something that never gets old. Once Don rolled off of her and collapsed on the bed, I asked if she was too tired to help me out. She smiled and told me to come on over. As she took my cock in her mouth she smiled and thanked me for allowing her to experience the moment. Before she took me deep in her mouth she turned to Don and said, thanks for the nice wine tasting. We all had a good laugh before we got back on the road.

I can't wait to see what will happen the rest of the trip. My wife has flashed her beautiful DD's along the Interstates, Once many years ago on I in Mississippi, she was wearing a skirt with no panties. She got on her knees and began to suck me off while I was driving. I pulled her skirt up so that her naked bottom was showing out the passenger window. She backed up against the passenger window and flashed her hairy pussy at one trucker after another, rubbing her pussy against the window.

Her pussy was wet and creaming so much that she smeared the window with her juices. My wife has flashed a lot of truckers and on three occasions she has stopped and given great head to a trucker while I've watched. It was awsome bto date she hasn't had sex with them butvhopefully someday soon. I gave this a five. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Flashing Truckers Yields Surprise. Story Info. Share this Story. Font Size Default Font Size.

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Wife flashes trucker

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