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It takes place in the world of Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series, and is canonically a prequel to the events of said comics. In a nutshell , it's a Film Noir set around characters of archaic tales, and their difficulty surviving in a modern, crapsack world. The player takes control of Bigby Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf famed in fairy tales, as he faces a conflict between his suppressed lupine nature and his desire to turn over a new leaf, keeping the citizens of Fabletown safe.

All is not well in Fabletown, and a mysterious murder kicks off a situation which rapidly begins to deteriorate, threatening the entire community, leaving Bigby to cut through the tangled web of deceit and sniff out the truth — before it's too late. The game features combat similar to The Walking Dead , Telltale's choice-based adventure game, in that the player must use their cursor to quickly react to events and beat down their opponents. However, there are differences between Lee and Bigby; Bigby, being The Big Bad Wolf, is larger and much more physically powerful than Lee, and he won't be fighting off any zombies, so unarmed combat and improvised weaponry are far more par for the course than are the guns featured in The Walking Dead.

Gameplay, however, is focused primarily on solving the mystery surrounding the aforementioned murder, and sharp-eyed players will find themselves at a ificant advantage here. The more evidence Bigby collects at a scene, the more pieces of the puzzle he will have. A second season was announced in , but it was later cancelled due to the abrupt closure of Telltale Games. The Wolf Among Us has also been adapted into a issue digital-first comic series. The comic closely follows the plot of the game, but adds a lot of backstory, with a good third of the comic devoted to extended flashback sequences in which we not only see Bigby's early years in the mundane world and his history with some of the other characters, but also the backstories of the game's antagonists.

Please note that, as the first season has concluded and the is whited out otherwise, spoilers for the first three episodes will be unmarked. The Jersey Devil is an antagonist in the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us, running a pawn shop as a front for criminal activity.

He's glamoured to look like a human, but his true form is a grey-skinned demon with a horse's skull for a head. Example of: The Jersey Devil. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . Big Bad Wolf. The Fables who live there arrived hundreds of years ago, after they were exiled from their Homelands. Through the use of a magic spell called Glamour, they have protected their secret community from the mundane world. Sheriff Bigby Wolf protects them from each other.

Season 1 - A-F. Aborted Arc : Kelsey Brannigan, the cop that grills Bigby in Episode 2's beginning, is shown in pre-release Episode 3 materials and it's hinted that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are ased to watch her if you go a particular path. Nothing is ever made of this by the end of the season. The preview of Episode 2 at the end of Episode 1 shows Bigby discussing with Crane the very realistic possibility that a serial killer is responsible for the murders. That scene never appears in the actual episode , Bigby never brings the possibility up, and the purpose of the murders was to cover up a conspiracy.

Accidental Hero : As the Woodsman confesses, he went to Grandmother's House attempting to rob her and Red Riding Hood, only to find Bigby already there and end up being lauded as a hero for cutting the pair out. Acrofatic : Tweedle Dee, in spades, during his foot chase with Bigby. It's assumed Dum is as well, being, well, twins. Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole : Bigby's sense of smell.

In the comics, it is revealed that Bigby's sense of smell is so powerful, he has to chain smoke to dull his senses and make things bearable. A lot of points in the game rely on things being a surprise to the player, and by extension Bigby himself. The majority of these moments of tension wouldn't last for more than a few minutes if his sense of smell was as powerful as it is in the comics, and if it was even as strong as a normal dog or wolf, the chase scenes would be much less "which way did they go"-ish.

It's also revealed in the comics that his connection to Snow White is so powerful, he knows exactly where she is and what she's feeling at every point in time by her musk alone. Were this true in the game, Bigby would have known immediately that Snow wasn't dead. Flycatcher having been "let go" by Ichabod Crane and getting a job for the Tweedles instead. The comics, however, make it clear that Flycatcher isn't actually employed by the Fabletown government — he's on constant community service because he keeps eating flies in public. The comics also very plainly show that if he is released from that community service and instead is offered an actual job that he can quit any time he likes, he goes into a Heroic BSoD because then he feels compelled to quit the job and return to the Homelands to look for his missing family.

Adaptational Attractiveness : Bluebeard appears as a handsome bald man in the game. The original Bluebeard was described as hideously ugly with wild, unkempt hair. Justified, as he could have cleaned up in the past years and it does match his appearance in the source material. It's also possible he could be glamoured.

Adaptation Expansion : The digital-first comic adaptation of the game adds a lot more backstory. In fact, more than a third of the comic consists of flashback sequences which explores the backstoried and relations of several characters which weren't touched upon at all in the game, such as Bigby's history with Ichabod Crane or Bloody Mary's origin. Adaptational Villainy : Like the comic series it's based on, the game takes a few characters who were innocent in their respective stories and turns them into immoral antagonists: The Woodsman in Episode 1, but he gets better later in the series.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who frequently hinder Bigby's investigation. Georgie Porgie, who is an all-round piece of shit to everyone. The Crooked Man, who acts as the Big Bad of the game. Affably Evil : The Crooked Man. Although there are a of Ax-Crazy villains on the payroll, episode 4 reveals that he also employs Tiny Tim as door guard, showing that there's a softer side to the villain too.

This is thoroughly revealed to actually be Faux Affably Evil in Episode 5, however. Alas, Poor Villain : Georgie may have been a sex slaver and the murderer, but during his death scene, it's revealed that he truly loved Vivian, and he's torn apart by the fact that he's essentially responsible for her suicide. He's downright pitiful in his last moments. In addition, he really didn't have much of a choice - if he had let Faith, Lily and Nerissa go, the Crooked Man would have certainly killed Vivian and him both.

In summary, he's sitting there with his guts literally spilling out, being tortured by both horrendous physical pain and the mental torment of knowing what he's done. He may be a thorough bastard, but his final moments definitely paint him in a more sympathetic light. Taken even further if Bigby refuses him a Mercy Kill and lets him die slow. The Alcoholic Bufkin has to be chided by Bigby and Snow both to stop drinking on the job.

The Woodsman is a regular at the Trip-Trap, and makes his debut in a drunken rage against Faith. Alcohol-Induced Idiocy : The Woodsman is already a very bitter man, but when drunk as he often is , he's a very bitter, violent man. The entire first scene of the game would've gone much simpler and without such a bloody fight if he wasn't in a drunken rage against Faith. All Myths Are True : As with Fables , all myths and fairytale characters are real people, and the story takes place in Fabletown, a community of New York-residing "Fables.

These entries explain the terminology or items the characters use, the locations name-dropped, as well as events and profiles specific to the characters, presumably to avoid confusing people who didn't pick up the comic books. Ambiguous Ending : Even as of Episode 5's ending, questions remain due to the closing segment — two interpretations of the finale exist, as the Wham Line means either: A Faith somehow swapped places with Nerissa using a Glamour, meaning she never died and got the justice she wouldn't have seen otherwise ; or B Faith was dead before the plot and Bigby only met Nerissa Glamoured as her, allowing Nerissa to earn Bigby's sympathy and spur him into avenging Faith when he found her real severed head.

Anchored Ship : Bigby and Snow never got a Relationship Upgrade in the game since it's a matter that's settled in the comics, which happens after the events of this game. Instead, it traps the Fables in the Well forever, fully aware and "alive". Anti-Frustration Features : When investigating Toad's house in the first episode, you have to check a lot of stuff that can be missed relatively easily - the busted lock, the broken lamp, the table the lamp actually used to be on, the window, the poker, and the blood on the wall - and catch Toad in his lies at least a majority of the time.

This can be difficult for a first time player and just tedious for later players. Thankfully, there's an option to talk with Toad, threaten him, and slap him; while this will cause TJ to be scared of you, Toad to dislike you, and Snow to be a bit more unsure of you, it will immediately proceed on to the part where Toad tells the truth. You don't need to analyze anything to do this, so if you're fine with a little bit of a bad reputation from a couple characters, you can speed right through this part.

Anvil on Head : Even after a merciless beating, the Jersey Devil's still standing, giving Bigby the option to brain him with a stone cavalry statue Given that the result is the same either way, you can't blame most people for taking the sillier option. Bigby quickly infers that something is preventing them from telling him what he needs to know, and we learn by the end that all the women are cursed via the ribbons they wear around their necks.

Anguished Declaration of Love : In episode 3, Crane confesses his love for Snow when he's finally cornered. Snow promptly and angrily tells him off, as what he's feeling is clearly anything but love. Bigby: I thought you were dead, Snow. Bloody Mary: Otherwise, we do things my way. So please, please disobey. Beauty: You're a better detective than I thought you'd be. Bigby : about a soda machine Ugh.

That shit'll kill ya. Lights smoke, takes drag. Season 1 - G-L. Geas : In Episode 4, the purple ribbons that Georgie's prostitutes wear are revealed to be the seal that stops them from divulging any information about their clients, or other information that Georgie wants kept private. If the wearer tries to divulge said information, they are forced to say "these lips are sealed" instead. As revealed in Episode 4, simply removing the ribbon causes the wearer to be decapitated. Genius Bruiser : Bigby has a reputation of being a truly terrifying Blood Knight , but that doesn't mean he's stupid.

He gets many Sherlock Scan moments in the game, added with his heightened sense of smell to find clues. Plus, he manages to solve the case and uncover a massive conspiracy beneath Fabletown. Girl Friday : Snow White to Bigby, except she's his boss, but she handles the paperwork and bureaucracy while he's out kicking ass.

Glamour Failure : A literal case and recurring plot point , starting in Episode 2. Due to the cost of Glamour spells, there's a great demand for cheap black market Glamours. These spells are unstable and provide an increasingly imperfect disguise before finally failing entirely. Glory Days : It initially seems that the fairy tales the Fables originate from serve as these to them; however, Bigby seems to be haunted by his monstrous actions as the Big Bad Wolf, the Woodsman is being eaten up by his own self-loathing and guilt over the fact that he's lauded as a hero despite having intended to rob Red Riding Hood, and depending on Bigby's actions losing an arm seems to scar Grendel.

Good Thing You Can Heal! No one worries much about it, and the Woodsman stumbles off on his own while Bigby isn't paying attention. He's in shape for a drink by the next day. Fables are hard to kill. During a fight with Bigby in Episode 2, Beast gets his eyes gouged out , and is just fine a few moments later. In Episode 3: Gren and Holly both survive getting shot point-blank by the Tweedle Boy's shotguns and spend the next day recovering.

Wolf among us vivian

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