Yanomami tribe clothing

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In the early 21st century the Yanomami probably ed about 32, individuals throughout their range. The Yanomami practice slash-and-burn agriculture and live in small, scattered, semipermanent villages. They supplement their crop of plantains, cassava , tubers, corn maize , and other vegetables with gathered fruits, nuts, seeds, grubs, and honey. They hunt monkeys, deer, tapirs , fowl, and armadillos. They grow tobacco, a great favourite of Yanomami of all ages, and cotton, an important trade and domestic item used in the manufacture of string and cord for hammocks, nets, containers, and clothing.

They keep dogs, both for village security and for hunting. The Yanomami live in vine-and-leaf-thatched houses in palisaded villages surrounded by garden plots. They relocate their villages when the soil wears out or when a village has become too susceptible to attack by other Yanomami. Traditional Yanomami culture , such as is still practiced in remote parts of Venezuela, places a high premium on aggressive behaviour. Yanomami are constantly at war with one another, and much of Yanomami social life centres on forming alliances through trade and sharing food with other friendly groups while waging war against hostile villages.

The role of continuous, nonterritorial war in Yanomami society has attracted the attention of anthropologists, who have studied the Yanomami since the middle of the 20th century. By the s the way of life and even the continued survival of the Yanomami were threatened by the incursions of Brazilian miners into their territory in the Brazilian state of Roraima.

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Yanomami tribe clothing

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The Yanomami Tribe of the Amazon Rainforests